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Mojow, where you discover personalized service combined with premium contemporary design for the home and workplace. Our limited editions are rooted in our passion for innovative furniture and interior decor. We only represent brands that share our enthusiasm for fine craftsmanship, innovative modern design, and one offering something a little unique.

Our website is a tiny window into our entire collection of limited-edition furniture. High-end inflatable furniture, such as inflatable armchairs, exquisite YOMI armchairs, and Yoko armchairs, are just a few examples of the meticulously chosen items in this line.

Do you know where dreams and reality meet? At home. You don’t precisely realize whether you’re on a beach or still in the city. That’s where the new outdoor collection YOKO ARMCHAIRS is at home: somewhere else. With the excellent seating comfort of YOKO ARMCHAIRS, you can experience the unique sensation of being outside.

The brand-new Yomi armchairs influence your visual perceptions and senses. These modern, stylish, and unique seats, which are colorful, pink, black, blue, or green, offer you a fresh color palette with each glance. To be placed alongside the traditional Yomi sofas and armchairs to enhance your garden furniture. You can use the Yomi armchair both indoors and outdoors. Shop our latest limited edition armchair collection at MOJOW.

In essence, we offer industrial sophistication to rustic charm; at Mojow, we offer the looks you adore. Furniture and accessories are available in Switzerland’s widest variety of interior decor products to suit every taste and price range. Enjoy your purchasing and browsing!